We are working with the brands which have good reputations in the world. Because we are the only authorized distributor of Turkey for all these products and all of the devices.We help you to transfer these products directly.Skin care, body care, and geothermal geothalasso care for the Italian brand Histomer.We work with Thuya which has good referances on nail, brown eyelashes products, hand care and foot care products and we recognized the importance of hygiene for human body.


They have the title of father of Skin and body care products by using  Histomerik cell technology in Histomer of skin and body care products and spa products. Histomer has various  products range ( 125 Different Product ) skin and body care products, which you can use them for every type of skin. There are many skin care product brands (German, Spanish, Italian, French) production that Histomer work with it. Histomerik cell technology products with strong Italian company who is  Histomer; you can benefit from 125 different products.


It proved that its products have the risk of Allergies as the LEAST and also they are in European standards of “Single Brand” the property of being familiar with the Body.They produce nail, eyebrow and eyelash dyeing of silk lashes, maintenance hand creams, foot care products. They also produces many products for men. Spa treatments, cold paraffin treatments with the halls and nail shop of the operation.



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