Technical Service

Aesthetic center of your, your beauty, clinics, all kinds of your medical aesthetic of your device, or repair is made. Skin care, laser hair removal, cavitation devices, passive gymnastics, G5, ozone therapy is a healthy weight loss as well as other devices covered under warranty will be repaired. The best service to our customers within a short time, that could be brought. The beauty of Emergency 7/24 technical support our Service department is always with you. Title and lamp replacement, downtime and spare parts as well as the Beauty of the Emergency, by a complete and quick way solve. of repairs and maintenance is done. Life is Beauty, Cosmetics technical support, Emergency Service department, the system is working with the appointment; the appointment and failure to register: 0212 274 7077, you can reach us by phone.

Device for your application, and thanks for your customers, you will not, provides customized solutions to your problems.Call us on any subject in your mind, you can ask any questions to us.We are happy to help you anytime.


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